Welcome to M&G Music - The experts in music instruments and equipment

Welcome to M&G Music

Here at M&G Music, we're a family run business owned by father and son, and we've been established for over 30 years. During these decades we've worked hard to build up our reputation, and we've been able to do so by offering the most dedicated and friendly services at very reasonable prices.

We pride ourselves on being an emporiam for musicians, and we're here for all your musical needs. Whether you need advice on buying your new instrument or you need us to repair your broken one, we're here to help.

We stock a wide selection of musical instruments including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, violins, saxophones, flutes, and violas. However, if you can't find the instrument you're looking for on our website, then please just call us on 01843 226007 as we often have more stock than what is displayed on our website.

Instrument Repairs

Here at M&G Music we offer a specialised repair service for most instruments. So don't say goodbye to your instruments if they're a bit worse for wear...we will fix it! From guitars, ukuleles, banjos and bass' to drums, amps, brass and woodwind. Bring it along and we will do our best to repair it.

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Mo -Sat 9am - 6pm
39 Westbrook Ave, Margate, Kent, CT9 5HA
terry@mandgmusic.freeserve.co.uk / (01843) 226007

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